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Question 1 of 13

Why are your Trading? What do your hope trading will give you?




A New Career


Extra Money





Question 2 of 13

What are some of your specific trading objectives?


(i.e. - Profitability, Yearly Income, Maximum Drawdown, Winning Percentage, Eliminating Mistakes)

Question 3 of 13

Have you accomplished your trading goals yet? - If not, WHY haven't you?


Your answer here is crucial.

Question 4 of 13

Are you trading LIVE?


How much money have you won or lost in the past year?

Question 5 of 13

What would you say is your AVERAGE winning percentage -and- Your average Losing Percentage?


(Example 30% wins & 70% loses - Estimate if not known or check trading platform) 

Question 6 of 13

What would you say is the AVERAGE size of your winning trades? - ($50? - $120? - $500? etc.)


What is the size of your average Losing Trades? - ($50? - $120? - $500? etc.)

Question 7 of 13

From the information given in the last two questions - complete this math equation for "Expectancy"


(Win percentage X Average Win) - (Loss percentage X Average Loss)


Example: (35% X $150) - (65% X $100) = - $12.50

Question 8 of 13

What do you use to ANALYZE the market or price charts?


What are your strengths and weakness in Market Analysis?

Question 9 of 13

Describe your current trade setup in 3 - 10 sentences.


What are your rules associated with that trade setup?

Question 10 of 13

What rules do have difficulty keeping?


(Narrow down to one or two)

Question 11 of 13

What would be a REASONABLE time frame to expect to become a consistently profitable trader?

Question 12 of 13

What is the ONE THING you need most right now to improve your trading?

Question 13 of 13

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