FREE Trader's Decision Tree [PDF] & Video

Free Trader's Decision Tree PDF & Video

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Download a copy of this Trading Decision Tree PDF as well as a Excel version so that you can personalize it in the way that YOU trade. This tool has saved my bacon a number of times! Along with the download comes a video explaining exactly how I use the Decision Tree.                                        Get yours today!

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This Video Is PACKED With Content!


Topic Timestamps

40 sec   The Main Question

1:00       Elliott Wave

2:00       Monthly Analysis S&P 500

2:30       Analyzing Trends

4:00       Corrective Waves

5:15       Trading Balance Areas

8:35       Trading Breakouts

9:00       Daily Analysis

13:30     30 min Chart Analysis

15:00      5 Min Chart Analysis

18:00      Death By 1000 Cuts

18:20      NQ Quick Analysis

19:00      XLF Quick Analysis

20:00      Corn Futures Quick Analysis

21:00     Bonds Quick Analysis

22:00     Crude Oil Analysis

24:00     ES Analysis

25:00     Decision Tree Review

28:00     The Main Question



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Trading Decision Tree