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One of the Top 10 Traders in the World

When you look up - Who are the Top 10 Traders in the World...

One name is usually right there at the top - Paul Tudor Jones. 

He is the Best of the Best and one thing you'll notice in Trading, Sports and Business.

The Best Have Coaches!

Paul Tudor Jones is no exception -

In fact, long ago, he hired one of the best and most famous coaches alive!

Tony Robbins                             


What does Tony know about Trading?

You might be thinking... What could Tony Robbins POSSIBLY teach Paul Tudor Jones about trading?

Tony wasn't his teacher - He was his Coach.

A good Coach knows how to get the best out anyone's performance. Tony worked with Paul on many aspects of his trading and life. He was able to help Paul to be Consistent in his Trading with coaching techniques that Tony had developed over decades of research and practice.

Now, Tony Robbins shares these same insights into human behavior in his online coaching program at the Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention.



Can I Be Coached By These Same Techniques?


I have immersed myself in Tony's online training program Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention since 2013 and I am amazed at how these simple but profound insights help people in EVERY area of their lives. I can't begin to tell you what it has done for my life and my trading. I am more focused and disciplined than ever! Do you have problems with Trading Discipline? One thing that I have learned is that "will power" doesn't work over the long term. I've learned to stop TRYING to be disciplined and to discover the motivations that create disciplined trading behavior naturally. All I can say is that an understanding of Self and what drives people to "do what they do" can create a Compelling Future beyond your wildest dreams.




I'm also a Trader!

One advantage you would have with me as your coach is that I'm also a trader!

I've made all the same mistakes and have had all the same frustrations as you have -

I know what your going through and I know what you need to be successful.


To Be Successful In Trading You Need...

1. To Have a Goal

2. Get Educated on the Markets

3. Create A Rule Base System/Strategy That Is Profitable

4. STAY DISCIPLINED To Your Strategy


Many people do steps 1,2 and 3 but don't follow through on Step 4.

I can help you in ALL these areas of your Trading.


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-Stay Disciplined My Friend



"I recently had the pleasure to Spend an hour with Bill Wood, discussing how to become a profitable trader. Bill provided great insight into what is necessary to become successful. My initial appointment was for 30 minutes. He spent double the amount of time with me. That in itself is proof that Bill will give more than what you ask or pay for. Bill requires you to take notes and Thank God I did. The information is valuable and will be reviewed often."

Thank you Bill

Arthur Bernier


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