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How to ELIMINATE the Trading Behaviors that are costing you money

 What are some of YOUR unwanted behaviors?

  • Impulse Trading/Over Trading
  • Exiting Too Early
  • Revenge Trading
  • Fear of Pulling the Trigger

Many of these behaviors can be cause by emotional triggers which have been developed a LONG time ago. These behaviors are no longer serving you so why not just eliminate them?

We need to realize that these behaviors generated by our nervous system have a positive intent. We need to APPRECIATE the positive intent that these behaviors are trying to provide and then we need to go through a process of DISCOVERING the higher intent that we want at our core.

When we can live day in and day out AT our highest level of intent you just might find that you don't need those lower levels of behavior and intention anymore.

Purchase today and go through the 45 minute exercise of discovering and living out your highest intent then take your trading to a NEW LEVEL - a higher level of discipline and insight.

How much money could it save you if you could eliminate YOUR Unwanted Trading Behavior?

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