S&P 500 and the Inverted Yield Curve - Recession Coming?

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Hi, thanks for checking out my analysis of the S&P 500. This week I'm going to see how the 10 and 3 Year Bond Yield Curve relates to the S and P 500. Are we headed for a Recession or is the Yield Curve a Broken Barometer? (Inverted Yield Curve) Today, I'll be using Elliott Wave Theory as well as Market Geometry to give my an idea of what the market is doing. If you're a day trader, swing trader or scalper I hope that this video on the SPX and ES Emini Futures contract will just give you another way to look at the market. Another point of view. I give two scenarios - One for a Bull Market and one for a Bear Market. Please share if you've find this helpful and leave a comment.

Don't forget to check out my new workbook here - https://bit.ly/2Zl105d

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